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This site is the gateway for iSportsman users (and soon clients) to access information and helpful links to get the most from their iSportsman experience.

Users can find a place to hunt, fish or enjoy other outdoor recreational opportunities from a list of locations that use iSportsman to manage their outdoor recreational program. Here, they can also find step-by-step instructions on how to create an account on iSportsman, purchase permits and locate specific information about season dates and program requirements.

Very soon, our valued iSportsman-clients will be able to log in to review a host of resources including iSportsman admin help guides, how-to videos and other information about their iSportsman service. Stay tuned as we expect this feature to be completed in the very near future.

Oh, and for those of you still wondering what exactly iSportsman is, in a nutshell, it is the best web-based service ever designed to provide outdoor recreational and natural resource managers with all the online tools needed to run their program. Key system features include easily updateable informational websites: simple 24/7 user registration and access; permit sales; online safety briefs; area check-in/checkout for better safety, security and data collection; user experience surveys and harvest reporting and more. 

Interested in using iSportsman to help you manage your program? Whether it is the size of a full-scale government facility or as small as a private hunt club, iSportsman has a solution for you. Please visit iSportsman.com. for more information and to discover other activities that can be managed using the service.


Covid-19 Impacting Outdoor Recreational Programs

While Covid-19 continues to create issues throughout all aspects of our society, outdoor recreation remains one of the safest, and still encouraged, activities Americans can and should engage in. It has, unfortunately, impacted the way many of the hunting, fishing and other recreational opportunities are permitted to operate, particularly on military bases. For changes to upcoming season status or recreational access, please visit the iSportsman location at which you would like to recreate and review the specific location website for the latest updates.