By Heather Huber-The Fort Campbell Courier
A recent story in the Fort Campbell Courier noted how like the rest of the society, the base's fish & wildlife program is finding it beneficial to better reach people through online tools such as Facebook and iSportsman. In fact, the department recently set up its very own Facebook page in order to keep recreational users and those seeking information on the program informed.
That same article had this to say about iSportsman:
"While most people think of Morale, Welfare and Recreation when it comes to hunting on post, (Gene) Zirkle said MWR controls mostly just the administrative side. His team, lead by endangered species biologist Amie Lehman and wildlife biologist Brad Wheat, the biologist responsible for providing recommendations on game species, set the quotas, maintain the habitats and the rest of the behind the scenes work.
"Beginning in March 2017, they’ll also take over the administrative side. Zirkle has already begun posting on the Facebook page about iSportsman, a web-based hunting and fishing management program released throughout IMCOM that will allow individuals to set up an account and purchase permits online."
Once iSportsman does go online at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, as well as additional planned installations around the country, the digital service will certainly improve fish & wildlife managers' abilities to keep the public informed, sell permits, control access to ranges and enhance safety for both on-base recreational users, as well as our nation's warfighters during training.
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